Talika Products

May 31, 2017

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The eyes have it! Our friends at Talika have some wonderful beauty treatments for your eyes, lashes, and eyebrows. Let’s start with the Lipocils Platinium, a day and night serum for your eyelashes. A unique formula is used for each of the serums and is based on the concept that your cells work differently during the day and night (circadian rhythm). The day formula works like a mascara primer and acts to protect your lashes from environmental stressors. The result is longer, thicker lashes with a nice curl to them. The night formula promotes lash growth and regeneration, so while you’re sleeping, your cells are working to grow, grow, grow! Next, Eye Quintessence is your ultimate eye cream. One formula for day that protects your delicate eye area from UV and free radical damage with a blend of anti-oxidants, and one formula for night with a magic elixir that repairs cellular DNA and provides ultahydration for your skin. Say bye-bye to crow’s feet and those “character lines”! Lastly, we tested the Eyebrow Lipocils Ink for those of us that are slightly eyebrow challenged. These smudge-proof, marker-like pens are so easy to use and just fill in those areas that need a bit more color to them. They’re available in Chestnut and Brown. But wait, not only do they provide natural looking color and shape, they also help to encourage natural growth of your own brows with a special botanical complex, peptides, and extracts. Amazing! These are just a few of the top-notch eye care products from the experts at Talika!