Coeur Sports Gingko Sports Bra and Run Shorts

April 26, 2017

Currently available: $44.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Get to the heart of it! Our friends at Coeur Sports (remember that coeur is heart in French?) are committed to encouraging women to live a lifestyle of health and fitness. They do this not only through their first rate sportswear for endurance athletes and weekend warriors but also through the free training plans, partnerships, and videos that help to create a community for women to find the support and encouragement they need from new-found friends and experts. This year’s Spring Collection includes a sports bra and run shorts in a delightful gingko leaf print. The sports bra provides good support for all your TrailblazerGirl activities without being restrictive. The interior lining is soft and wicking, and the hidden interior pocket is a welcome surprise for holding a key, ID, or money. The run shorts are fabulously cute with a flirty little flare to them. The “yoga-waistband” and bikini liner are very comfortable yet fully functional, and there’s even a couple of interior pockets for essential. We heart Coeur Sports and their spectacular Gingko Sports Bra and Run Shorts!