Aloe H2O with Pure Coconut Water

March 29, 2017

Currently available: $2.49  Visit their site to learn more

Quite the combination! Try the delicious Aloe H2O with Pure Coconut Water from the aloe experts at Lily of the Desert today! Get a double whammy of goodness with organic aloe vera juice with its digestive, immune, detoxification, and antioxidant benefits plus the electrolyte and antioxidant rich organic coconut water. It’s so refreshing on a long hike through the woods or after a strenuous workout. Each bottle has 2 servings and only 25 calories per serving. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and it’s gluten free. Choose from 4 flavors: Blueberry-Lime, Pineapple-Passion Fruit, Cranberry-Nectarine, and Watermelon-Strawberry. They areĀ all delectable and thirst quenching, so we can’t tell you our favorite. Which one is yours?