Bridgedale WoolFusion Trekker

February 27, 2017

Currently available: $21.95  Visit their site to learn more

They put a lot of thought into their socks so you don’t have to. The folks at Bridgedale are known as the¬†global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks. Whether it’s for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, running, walking, or just being there, they’ve got the sock for you. We tested their WoolFusion Trekker, a midweight sock designed for women. It takes advantage of their WoolFusion technology that joins the highest quality¬†wool with high performance, technical fibers resulting in the perfect blend of insulation, durability, and moisture wicking. The extra padding around the heel, toe, and sole are especially appreciated on long hikes and snowshoeing treks. The double cuff at the top of the sock ensures the sock stays comfortably in place. So from the yarn, to the knitting technology, to the design, Bridgedale has your feet covered!