SimySkin Hydrating and Nourishing Moisturizer

February 27, 2017

Currently available: $35  Visit their site to learn more

Big sigh…we are all getting older, and it can show first in our skin. Don’t worry too much (that just makes it worse with those worry lines!), because we’ve found something to help! Our friends at SimySkin have a Hydrating and Nourishing Moisturizer that is carefully formulated to counteract the signs of aging. Yippee! Vitamin B12 is their signature ingredient – a strong champion for your skin with its regenerative powers, and its ability to stimulate┬ácell rejuvenation. There’s also vitamins A, C, and E, as well as hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10 all working together to hydrate, brighten, nourish, and repair your skin. When you apply this lightweight cream, you can feel the tightening of your skin, saying bye-bye to those fine lines and wrinkles. It’s absorbed quickly without any greasiness so that you can put on your sunscreen and makeup without waiting. Recommended for all skin types, it’s gentle even on sensitive skin as there’s no parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, and sulfate. It’s time to add SimySkin’s Hydrating and Nourishing Moisturizer to your skincare routine.