Manzella Tempest Windstopper Touch Tip Gloves

January 26, 2017

Currently available: $40  Visit their site to learn more

Give them a hand! Actually, give them both hands, and they’ll be super warm! Our friends at Manzella know gloves and their Tempest Windstopper Touch Tip Gloves are just what you TrailblazerGirls need this winter. The exterior fabric is a special Gore Windstopper fleece that is soft and excellent at keeping the wind from freezing your hands. The thumb and forefinger have touch screen compatibility, and the palm and other finger tips are designed with Control Trax that allows for stretch, breathability, and grip when holding trekking poles, camping lanterns, cameras, etc. Manzella has a three level warmth rating system, and the Tempest Windstoppers are right in the middle for “moderate activity levels or cold conditions”, just perfect for our Pacific Northwest weather. Keep your hands toasty warm without the bulk with the Tempest Windstoppers.