Little Hotties Tailgater

November 17, 2016

Currently available: $7  Visit their site to learn more

Winter has set in and it is chilly out there! Our friends at Little Hotties have just what you need to keep you warm and toasty as you continue with your TrailblazerGirl outdoor activities. The Tailgater is a set of little packets of warmth that don’t require batteries, are all natural, safe, and odorless. Just take the pouch out of its plastic wrapper, shake, then wait about 20 minutes, and you have hours of comfort. This kit includes 2 body warmers, 2 pairs of hand warmers, and 2 pairs of adhesive toe warmers. These pouches of wonderfulness will be much appreciated in the cold weather as you make your way up the ski slopes, snow shoe across the fields, hike to the summit, or undertake any of your many outdoor TrailblazerGirl explorations!