EcoDrink and LifeStix

October 7, 2016

Currently available: $27.99+  Visit their site to learn more

No more pills! The smart folks at SGN Nutrition have developed EcoDrink and LifeStix, quality nutritional supplements to meet your daily needs. Both come in powder forms with 100% natural flavors, are gluten free, and taste great. EcoDrink is a multivitamin supplement with all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy – plus electrolytes and antioxidants – and it’s calorie free! Mix it with water in the included shaker bottle, and you’re set to go! The perfect drink to keep you hydrated and healthy after all your TraiblazerGirl activities. LifeStix provides you with 500% of your daily vitamin D3 needs – just what you need with the fall/winter weather coming on. Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, it’s important in keeping your bones healthy and boosting your immune system. Pour the convenient single serve packet onto your tongue directly, and it just melts in your mouth. Two excellent products to maintain a healthy, happy TrailblazerGirl!