ZULU Charge Water Bottle

October 3, 2016

Currently available: $14.99  Visit their site to learn more

Take charge of your hydration with the Charge Water Bottle from our friends at ZULU! This 24 ounce bottle has a unique twist lid that allows you to adjust the rate at which your fluids flow. Great idea! If you’re super parched after a run, open it all the way and get a steady gush of water; if you just need to whet your whistle, twist it a little and get a small stream. Plus, the lid is designed so that you can drink from anywhere around the rim. The protective silicone sleeve makes it easy to hold the bottle without chance of it slipping, and the convenient carry loop facilitates clipping it onto your backpack for those day hikes. Not to worry though if it does hit the ground, because it’s manufactured out of an impact resistant plastic with a leak-proof lid. ZULU’s Charge Water Bottle lets you get water at the rate you want!