Masala Pop

August 17, 2016

Currently available: $16 (3 bags)  Visit their site to learn more

An explosion of Indian flavor! Masala Pop Indian Spiced Popcorn is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon from founder Neha Patel’s mom’s recipe. Using air-popped, organic, non-GMO corn, this savory and sweet popcorn has a twist for your taste buds with authentic Indian spices like garam masala, turmeric, cardamom, and tamarind. To add to the specialness of this snack, tossed in with this yummy popcorn is a handful of papadums which are delicious Indian lentil chips. Their gluten-free, vegan-friendly flavors include: Savory Masala with PapadumsTamarind Sesame with Papadums and Chai Masala with Assam Tea. The TrailblazerGirl team enjoyed them all!