Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated

July 21, 2016

Currently available: $49.91  Visit their site to learn more

So important to stay hydrated on your runs and our friends at Nathan have you covered. Their Trail Mix Plus Insulated is the number one selling hydration belt and for good reason! Your water stays cooler in the two, 10 ounce flasks due to the double-walled insulation (cold water is so much more satisfying on those hot runs!). The belt is super comfortable and allows for easy access to the flasks on the run with no bounce and no chafing. You’ll also appreciate the large, zippered pouch to store your phone (even those big iPhone 6 Plus phones!) and other essentials, as well as an extra front stash pocket for gels and those much needed on-the-go-fuel supplements for longer runs. Additional well-thought-out features include shock cords to hold gloves, more gel, even a lightweight vest and the reflective additions throughout the belt to ensure visibility in low lighting conditions. So many reasons to try the Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated!