From the Fields’ Organic Granola

November 5, 2015

Currently available: $9.99  Visit their site to learn more

Above and beyond organic! The Organic Granola from our friends at From the Fields’ is super delicious. They are handmade and baked fresh daily without preservatives, chemical additives or artificial flavorings. We love that with each bite you can taste the individual flavors of the oats, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds with just the slightest hint of sweetness from the honey and maple syrup. They offer 9 flavor options with a mixture of ingredients including a second Original variety with whole grain gluten-free oats. All their granolas are an excellent choice for breakfast to sustain you with healthy nutrients for the day, but we especially liked the Chocolate Hazelnut Fig straight out of the resealable bag as a snack throughout the day! Yummy, yummy!