Anevay OT Frontier Plus

November 5, 2015

Currently available: £299.00  Visit their site to learn more

A stove inside your tent?! Yes, with the soon-to-be-available Frontier Plus from Anevay OT! A woodburning stove that you can take with you on your next camping trip to cook with and keep you warm and toasty. It’s actually safe to have inside your tent, because it has a 4-inch flue to vent outside through some type of opening, like a window. The top plate is big enough to accommodate 2 cookware pieces, so you can brew your pot of coffee and have your pancakes, too! It weighs in at about 37 pounds, has adjustable tripod legs to make it as tall as 18 inches, and an integrated glass window that allows you to keep an eye inside the firebox, while air control on the door lets you adjust the heat output. The Frontier Plus adds to your glamping experience!