TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope

August 12, 2015

Currently available: $30  Visit their site to learn more

Jump start your fitness routine! The TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope is definitely not the jump rope of your childhood. Originally a company that provided boxing equipment (hence the name TKO), TKO has evolved into a complete health and fitness brand with accessories, apparel and other fitness equipment. The Soft Grip Jump Rope is part of this expansion, and we think it’s a real winner. The swivel design of the rope and handles ensure that the rope won’t become tangled, allowing for a consistent, smooth swing. A total of 9 feet of rope is included and can easily be adjusted by popping open the end of the handles to shorten the rope on each side. With a whopping 170 calories burned with every 15 minutes of jumping, this is a fun and effective addition to your fitness routine. And it’s portable, so you can take in on your travels too. No more excuses to avoid exercising!