August 6, 2015

Currently available: $3.37  Visit their site to learn more

Instead of a coffee, reach for NERGIA. Pronounced “En-Er-Gia”, these little 2 oz glass bottles contain 180 milligrams of natural caffeine, equivalent to drinking 2 cups of premium, natural coffee. They say that the natural caffeine from their blend of guarana seeds and acai berries metabolizes better in your body than synthetic caffeine. We tried a half a bottle and found that it gave us a boost in the morning without any jitteriness or crash. It comes in 4 flavors: tangerine (our fav!), tropical, peach, and mocha. There’s no high fructose sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, so it’s not overly sweet, and a full bottle only has 14 calories. For a natural energy bump, try NERGIA!