TEKO Merino Sin3rgi Socks

June 23, 2015

Currently available: $18  Visit their site to learn more

“The best possible performance socks with the least environmental impact”. Tall order, but we think that TEKO lives up to it’s goal with the Merino Sin3rgi Socks. Made out of a blend of merino wool and recycled synthetics, these socks, in combination with strategically placed air vents (how smart is that?!), are great at wicking away moisture, which means no sweaty feet and no blisters! Also, the seamless toes, arch brace, anatomical Y-heel, light padding at the heel and ball of the foot add up to a very comfortable sock that fits your foot really well. TEKO’s eco commitment is shown in their environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, use of renewable energy at the office and the factory, and packaging that is both recycled or recyclable. Plus, a portion of your purchase is donated to the Conservation Alliance in the US and the John Muir Trust in the UK. Great socks for your feet and the environment!