Shurky Jurky

June 23, 2015

Currently available: $9.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Yum, yum, yum! Shurky Jurky is a completely different kind of jerky. It’s handcrafted in Oregon using non-processed free-range meats and marinated for several days with real fruit and none of the bad stuff – no refined sugars, GMO ingredients, additives, non-natural flavorings nor preservatives. What you get is super-flavorful, hearty meat! You are even instructed to eat it differently: chew lightly as your saliva re-hydrates the meat, allowing the flavors to be released and really shine. Available in beef, turkey, pork and bison, and it’s the perfect snack on the trails, camping, at the beach, or anytime. This TrailblazerGirl is a fan, and an interesting factoid, according to the folks at Shurky Jurky, women are 80% of their recurring customers. As they say, “The Perfect Portable Protein”!