Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence

June 1, 2015

Currently available: $45  Visit their site to learn more

We’re not getting any younger! Yep, there’s no nice way to say it, but our friends at Kiehl’s have just released something to help out. They sent us their Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence, and we’ve tested it out, and we think you might like to do the same. After you’ve washed your face, apply this slightly viscous liquid with a mild scent that dissipates after a few seconds. It’s absorbed quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Here’s the scoop on the 3 key ingredients: Iris Florentina Root Extract to deliver anti-aging and hydrating benefits; Lipo Hydroxy Acid to exfoliate and remove dull, dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal; and Sodium Hyaluronate to replenish your skin and fill in those little lines and wrinkles. We think we see improvement in our skin – seems more “glowing” (in a good way!), healthy, and smoother. A winner in the anti-aging regimen!