The Good Bean Snacks

January 26, 2015

Currently available: $18/5pack  Visit their site to learn more

Finally, a healthy snack! Just in time for the Super Bowl, we’ve found a chip that you don’t need to feel guilty about eating. Our friends at The Good Bean sent us some samples of their new Bean Chips with Sweet Potato and Quinoa and Roasted Chickpea Snacks. Made with “The Good Bean Protein Blend”, a mixture of chickpeas, navy beans, red lentils, and pea protein, they are very tasty and have a nice crunch to them. The high protein, high fiber content will give you plenty of energy and help to keep you satisfied. The Bean Chips come in 5 flavors (we were especially fond of the Nacho Cheese), and the Roasted Chickpea Snacks come in a huge variety (7!) with the basic Sea Salt being our favorite. An addictive healthy snack for the active TrailblazerGirl!