SlotFlop Sandals

October 3, 2014

Currently available: $24.95  Visit their site to learn more

So clever! At the beach or the pool and don’t know where to hide your room key and money? Whip out your SlotFlops, open the secret compartment in the sole, place your valuables in the protective sleeve provided, and slide them in your flip flops! No one will know your treasure is there as it’s sealed inside with a patented velcro closure design. These are comfortable flip flops too – made out of a contoured EVA footbed with arch support (yes, arch support in a flip flop!). Even the outsole is made out of quality EVA so you’ll have some traction as you walk about. Our clever friends also have a special credit card sized multi-purpose survival tool with a knife, ruler, a can opener, saw, screwdriver, 3 types of wrenches, sun compass, and a bottle opener to fit right in your SlotFlops as well. They’ve thought of everything!