Thorlos Padded Foot Protection

September 4, 2014

Currently available: $14.99+  Visit their site to learn more

These are NOT socks…they are padded foot protection or as they say, “beyond socks”! We take care in choosing the right shoes for the activity that we doing, so why don’t we choose our socks as carefully? Thorlos takes socks to the next level. They have designed foot protection for your specific sport or activity and produced what may be the most comfortable footwear ever. With padding in all the right places, your chances of getting blisters and foot pain is reduced, and the yarn used in the construction is very durable and moisture wicking. We tested the Walking foot protection, the Distance Walking foot protection and the Experia Multi-Sport. The Walking Thorlos was great on a medium distance walk on asphalt, providing extra padding in the heel and ball of the foot. While the Distance Walking Thorlos was fantastic on a long distance walk through city streets and dirt roads with its super-duper padding all around. And lastly, the Experia was perfect on a run on a particularly hot day with the benefit of light padding on the heel and ball of the foot but a thinner, cooler material around the arch and top of the foot. All performed well making Thorlos live up to their goal of being the “Caretakers of the World’s Feet”!