The Manta Resort, Tanzania

April 30, 2014

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Ooooo…how cool is that?! Sleeping in a bedroom underwater…yes, UNDERwater…like a private floating hotel room! You can find this at The Manta Resort on the island of Pemba, off the coast of Tanzania. The Underwater Room has 3 levels: a lounge and bathroom at sea level; a deck up top allowing for basking in the sun during the day and enjoying the stars at night; and a glass enclosed bedroom underwater, complete with spotlights to attract the fish at night. If you can tear yourself away from this unique room, there are plenty of activities to participate in – diving, snorkeling, rainforest hikes, sunset cruises on a Ngalawa (a traditional sailing vessel), and Pembra safari adventures. You might even see a Flying Fox, the largest species of bat in the world, with their fox-like face and a wingspan of 1.6 meters!