Nalgene Cantene 48 ounce

March 25, 2014

Currently available: $17.52  Visit their site to learn more

Very handy for extended hikes and all-day hydration. Our friends at Nalgene, yes, that Nalgene, that fantastic company with the super-strong bottles, provided us with their Cantene 48 ounce container. What a great “bottle”! Flexible containers are so lightweight and convenient, because you can fold them up once the water is gone, and they take up so much less space (and weigh so much less) than regular hard-sided bottles. What sets the Cantene apart from other flexible containers is their special wide mouth. It’s a snap to load up on the ice cubes or pop in a filter or purifier. It comes in 3 sizes, 32-, 48-, or 96 ounces, can be frozen, and has a loop-top cap making it easy to hook on the outside of a backpack for quick accessibility. And, like all Nalgene products, it’s super-strong and guaranteed leakproof.