o-synce Sports Visor screeneye x

January 21, 2014

Currently available: €149,90  Visit their site to learn more

An innovative way to “see” your training data. The Sports Visor screeneye x by o-synce (pronounced “o-science”) projects your heart rate, speed, distance, stop times, lap times, training zones, coaching tips, and even the outside temperature directly into your field of vision. The display is low profile and is easy to read even in low lighting conditions. You can pair the visor with o-synce’s heart rate monitor or any other commercially available ANT + sensors to wirelessly measure heart rate, distance, calories burned and speed. Once you are done with your workout, connect to your computer with the included micro USB cable and upload and analyze your data. Oh, and it’s a visor as well, so it protects your eyes from the sun!