January 14, 2014

Currently available: $85+  Visit their site to learn more

A happy experience for your feet. Barefooters is almost like walking barefoot (hence the name) but with more protection for your feet. Made in Italy out of a proprietary cork and silicone material that is highly flexible, these shoes are great for recovery after a long grueling run or just a comfortable walking shoe. TrailblazerGirl tested 2 styles – the Classic, which is like a clog and the Kilkee, which is more like a sandal. We found the Classic to have a nice wide toe box and massaging-like insoles (their patented Oooaaahs® Reflex insoles, which are accurately descriptive!), while the Kilkee has a more snug but very comfortable fit and excellent support for hiking and walking long distances. In fact, the Kilkee has a high grip tread as well as drainage sites in the sole, making it an ideal watershoe. Both have a seamless design, so there’s no worries of blisters or irritation. Another great feature is the fact that you can throw these shoes in the machine to wash them! Happy feet, happy TrailblazerGirl!