Steaz Beverages and Energy Drinks

October 9, 2013

Currently available: $1.49+  Visit their site to learn more

Delicious organic green tea beverages. TrailblazerGirl had a little trouble finding these Steaz Iced Green Teas and Energy Shots to taste test, but boy, it was worth the search! They are super-great tasting, and many of the flavors have zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, and 120mg antioxidants. Their Energy Shot is a healthy way to get a boost without the usual crash, because their organic green tea is blended with organic yerba mate, organic guarana, and organic acai juice to give you 150mg of natural caffeine. This company is proud of their Organic and Fair Trade certifications along with their environmentally responsible low CO2 certification with Native Energy. As they say, “beverages that benefit the mind, body, soul… and planet”. We agree!