Great Smoky Mountains Trip with Roam

March 28, 2012

Currently available: $1,150  Visit their site to learn more

Event coming May 5-12, 2012. Trivia first: Where’s the largest old growth forest east of the Mississippi? It’s the Great Smoky Mountains along the Tennessee – North Carolina border. And where does the name “Smoky” come from? It comes from the fog that hangs over the mountains and sometimes looks like large plumes of smoke from faraway. Now, how beautiful are they? Absolutely incredible, and our friends at Roam have put together another trip for women that will not only expose you to this amazing jewel of the US but also prepare you to learn a little self-reliance for backpacking through the wilderness (think basic backpacking skills, hiking skills and safety skills). As they like to say, “it’s not about the miles, it’s all about the smiles,” and yes novices are welcome.