Toad&Co Cruiser Cord Skinny Pant

October 23, 2019

Yet another first rate item from that super company, Toad&Co…the Cruiser Cord Skinny Pant! These are classic cords but amped up. They bumped up the organic cotton with a bit of stretch, making them super practical for movement. You’ll be able to climb those mountains and tackle those trails comfortably and in style with the […]

Toad&Co Re-Form Flannel Shirt

October 23, 2019

The flannel shirt re-imagined! One of our best-loved companies, Toad&Co has updated the quintessential fall fabric…flannel. It’s not the flannel of lumberjack shirts, but a new kind of flannel. The Re-Form Flannel Shirt is made with 100%  recycled materials. Yes, that’s right, talk about eco-friendly! Using post-consumer plastic bottles and salvaged cotton textiles, this fabric […]

Toad&Co Susurro Duo Short Sleeve Tee

March 26, 2019

Socially and environmentally committed clothes. That’s the promise of Toad&Co, one of TrailblazerGirl’s favorite companies, as is evident from the many glowing reviews we’ve done featuring their sustainable fashion. They’ve really taken their promise to heart with 100% sustainability with the fabrics they’ve chosen for this year’s entire spring collection! Wow, very impressive! And so […]

Toad&Co Earthworks Skinny Pant

October 16, 2018

A comfy pair of pants from a feel-good company! You must remember our friends at Toad&Co, who brought us their Debug Range Pant, a fantastic pant to help keep you bug-free when you hit the trails. We’re excited to introduce you to their Earthworks Skinny Pant, another winner from their Fall/Winter line. Toad&Co has taken […]

Toad&Co Debug Range Pant

April 25, 2017

Pants to shoo away the bugs! Our friends at Toad&Co have an awesome pair of pants for bug-free enjoyment of the outdoors. The Debug Range Pant offers protection with special fabric treated with Insect Shield Technology which repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges, plus a super smart feature – discrete drawcord hems that […]

Toad&Co Sidekick Jegging

September 1, 2015

Life is short…so be comfortable! The Sidekick Jegging from our friends at Toad&Co is just what you need. Whether you’re traveling, on an urban trekking adventure, or just hanging out with friends, these jeggings will have you looking like the fashionable TrailblazerGirl that you are! Designed out of a cotton and polyester blend with a […]