Mazzy Sandals by ToeSox

July 3, 2013

Talk about unique sandals! Our friends at ToeSox have constructed sandals and socks that spread your toes thereby strengthening your foot muscles and increasing blood circulation to your feet. You’ll see that with your stronger feet comes an improvement in your posture and balance. Their new Mazzy Sandals are a favorite style of TrailblazerGirl with […]

Custom Tartine Tote Bag by Timbuk2

June 6, 2013

TrailblazerGirl was lucky enough to be one of the first to customize and test Timbuk2’s new Tartine Tote Bag! Originally known for their super-durable, stylish, custom messenger bags, Timbuk2 has come out with some new bag styles. Fantastic features of this zip top tote include, a waterproof liner, convenient outside pocket for those items you […]

PUBLIC Stripe Fender Set

May 30, 2013

Pimp your ride…. if your ride is a bike. The PUBLIC Stripe Fender Set turns any city bike into a “signature piece of visual design in motion.” Imagine the distinction you’ll have when you go to lock up your bike. So cool.

S.H. Sleeping Bag by Alite

May 24, 2013

It looks a little like the gingerbread (wo)man escaped, but it’s really the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag by Alite! This unique sleeping bag has padded feet so when you unzip the center zipper, you can walk around while staying warm in your bag that has a 20° F temperature rating. There’s also a drawstring hood […]

Alite x Free People Tent

May 10, 2013

The Alite x Free People Tent is a fun, warm weather, 2-person tent. Don’t be fooled by the flirty print of the rainfly, it’s very practical in that it is waterproof and creates 2 pockets on each side in front of each door to hold shoes, flashlights, bags, etc. When the rainfly is off, the […]

Velocino by ABICI

April 19, 2013

A cool-looking bike that was inspired by one that Mussolini commissioned in the 30s, the Velocino by ABICI, will certainly turn heads as you pedal down the road. It is handmade in Italy with a leather saddle, leather grips, and back-pedal rear brakes. Ciao bella!

Champion Bootie Puddle Jumper by Keds

February 8, 2013

Keds for the rain? Yea, the smarty designers at Keds have realized these favorites can yes be extended to the wet weather, and so they’ve launched the new Champion Bootie Puddle Jumper. These super cute lace-up rain boots are perfect for exploring around town. They have rubber uppers, cushioned insoles and flexible rubber outsoles. And […]

Sailcloth Duffels by SailorBags

January 31, 2013

Duffel with style. Yea, duffels are sometimes the perfect bag with a big open space that’ll fit any gear, but they usually look like something a guy would sling over his shoulder. But wait, Sailcloth Duffels by SailorBags are different. Made from the incredibly strong and sturdy double-layered cloth used to make sails, these duffels […]

Bike Helmet and Cover by YAKKAY

January 28, 2013

Trendsetter alert! TrailblazerGirl always wears a bike helmet, but oh boy, who knew there were options like these bike helmets with covers by Denmark-based YAKKAY. Yes, that photo is of a bike helmet. Their incredible variety of covers for your helmet provides a huge dose of style over a super safe case for your noggin. […]

VaultPro Convertible Backpack

January 16, 2013

In a word.. stylish! No wait… chic! No wait…. versatile. Argh. The VaultPro Convertible Backpack is all that. It triples as a backpack, shoulder sling, handbag, and your valuables will stay safe and secure no matter which way you wear it. Its Steel Armor System includes a cut-proof, steel cable reinforced shoulder strap, slash-proof fabric […]

Touch Screen Compatible Gloves by FRAAS

January 15, 2013

Not yet available online… these just announced Touch Screen Compatible Gloves from German-based FRAAS are incredible. Their chic design with its ruffle plus the touch screen compatibility brings together cool looks with advanced technology. Want them? You’ll need to call the company directly before the rush on their web site when they go live for the […]

Access LE Backpack by Sherpani

November 13, 2012

Super cute and just the right size. The Access LE Backpack by Sherpani is perfect for a day out on the trail or in the park while amazingly making for a very stylish purse at the same time. We especially liked the conveniently placed small zippered pocket on the top for money, phone and keys. […]

Ingrid Zip Neck by Neve Designs

November 1, 2012

There’s Merino Wool and then there’s 100% Ultra-Fine Merino Wool. The Ingrid Zip Neck by Neve Designs is made from the latter and is a perfect sweater for winter. It’s super soft and super warm, and it fits nicely too, especially with the quarter-way zipper on the front. This is the epitome of coziness, and […]


October 26, 2012

Give your phone some respect. Stop laying it on the ground. Hang it up. Give it a stand. After all, you probably spend more time with it than any other device you’ve, ahem, got handy. And the Bondi is exactly the accessory you need. It’s a super cute cell phone holder that lets you hang […]

Women’s 1/4 Sock Cushion by Darn Tough Vermont

October 3, 2012

Cushions for your feet? Yes, that would be a better name for these Women’s 1/4 Sock Cushions by Darn Tough Vermont. They’re so incredibly soft and sumptuous to wear, they raise the bar for other socks in the drawer. Made from a blend of Merino Wool, Nylon, and Lycra Spandex, these socks are still machine […]

Wallaroo Breton Hat

October 2, 2012

Would Audrey Hepburn wear this? We think so. The Wallaroo Breton Hat blends fashion with function. With its poly-ribbon braid, natural wooden-beaded leather tie and six classy colors, this washable, crushable hat will fit everyone and provide good sun protection while bringing out that chic look. This is one of those great pieces of wardrobe […]

Women’s Quantum Hood by Icebreaker

September 26, 2012

A hoodie for stylish women? Yep, it can be done. The Women’s Quantum Hood by Icebreaker, made with merino wool, is perfect for that cooler weather. Along with being lined and having thumb holes to keep your hands warm, its hour-shaped design fits just right, and it has a small pocket that’s ideal for your […]

Foxie Half-Zip by Moving Comfort

September 13, 2012

It’s getting just a little cooler, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving-up on style. A fitted top can look good, but this Foxie Half-Zip by Moving Comfort looks great. It’s nice to have that second tone along the shoulder and down the arm and that invisible pocket and gathered strip down the back (very stylish). […]

Bloxsun Sun Scarf

September 10, 2012

Make more than a fashion statement. At UPF 50+, the Sun Scarf by Bloxsun pairs incredible looks and style with serious protection from the sun. Whether you’re hiking on the beach, watching a tennis match or enjoying dinner al fresco, you’ll appreciate these large soft ARPANSA scarves that you can use to easily cover-up your […]

Wilson Vibra Fun Glitter Hearts Tennis Dampeners

August 27, 2012

Everyone these days has some sort of shock absorber, or dampener, on the strings of their tennis racket. It just makes sense, but be prepared to amaze your girlfriends at the next friendly doubles match with these Vibra Fun Glitter Hearts Tennis Dampeners from Wilson. It’ll put a smile on everyone’s face, and it might […]

Bike Planter

August 23, 2012

A fun and wacky little idea. You may have seen a little flower vase in some of those old Volkswagen Beetles, but how about if you tooled around town with a little planter attached to your bike frame. Well, the designer of the Bike Planter thought that would be a fun idea, and voila. Attach […]

Dublin Adult Easy Care Half Chaps

August 21, 2012

Have a closet full of low-rise boots? Well, you just doubled your shoes with the Dublin Adult Easy Care Half Chaps. Every one of those pairs can now be converted into a stylish hi-rise boot. These half chaps are durable and getting to be very popular, and they’re super easy to care for since they’re […]

Salutation by Lolë

August 21, 2012

Incredible leggings with convertible foot warmers. The new Salutation by Lolë is designed for movement with its four-way stretch and natural wicking that comes with this unique combination of nylon and elastane. It’s like a second skin that hugs your body but also protects it with a 50 UPF rating. Perfect for yoga and just […]

Cadee Sleeveless Tank by Marmot

August 16, 2012

UPF clothing is a growing craze amongst the outdoor set, and this UPF-30 Cadee Sleeveless Tank by Marmot goes one step further by cleverly using a lightweight performance nylon stretch fabric which is abrasion-resistant, quick-drying and moisture wicking. Perfect for a day on the trail, and the scoop neck is paired with a secret little […]