Sailcloth Duffels by SailorBags

January 31, 2013

Currently available: $86  Visit their site to learn more

Duffel with style. Yea, duffels are sometimes the perfect bag with a big open space that’ll fit any gear, but they usually look like something a guy would sling over his shoulder. But wait, Sailcloth Duffels by SailorBags are different. Made from the incredibly strong and sturdy double-layered cloth used to make sails, these duffels are actually chic! The large bag is big enough to fit a week’s worth of clothes and still small enough to use as a carry-on bag. And like any good sailing gear, this bag has a waterproof lining, and it’s loaded with pockets on the inside, plus a quick access pocket on the outside. So, if this can withstand gale-force winds, it’ll protect and keep your gear dry.