Esprit de She Triathlons

March 14, 2013

Currently available: $75+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming in May, June and October 2013. Esprit de She Triathlons offers us girls fun sprint and super sprint (read “short”) courses all around the country. The typical sprint course includes a 0.5 mile (0.75km) swim, a 12.4 mile (20km) bike ride, and a 3.1 mile (5km) run while the super sprint course typically includes 0.23 mile (0.37km) swim, a 6.64 mile (10.7km) bike ride, and a 1.69 mile (2.7km) run. You can compete individually or get your girlfriends together for a relay team. And, at the after party, enjoy drinks at the bubbly bar and tapas and music while browsing the community market. A great day.