Polka Dot Tri Kit by Soas

February 13, 2013

Currently available: $170  Visit their site to learn more

The polka-dotted triathlete? That might be your new superhero name when they see you sprint by wearing the Polka Dot Tri Kit by Soas. This outfit includes the new shorts with their breathable, super-soft rear liner in black. These are really well-designed with their bra construction (made of a compression spandex), longer length top (to ensure more coverage), five pocket system (so you can organize more), wider hip design (to prevent any undesirable roll-up), mesh rear panel on top (for breathable), and elastic-free waistband (but still snug enough to stay up even when soaking wet), and more! If you’re an avid triathlete or even if you’ve just considered a triathlon, you should definitely check out this line.