Twin Heron by Old Town Canoe Co.

November 8, 2012

Currently available: $699.99  Visit their site to learn more

Some kayaks are for one. Some are for two. The new Twin Heron by Maine-based Old Town Canoe Co. is built for two but handles just as well when only one person is paddling. And that’s no small feat. It reflects a very original and clever design that ensures the bow stays low even when there’s only one person paddling this craft. In fact you can pop-out the front seat altogether to leave room for your dog, or your gear, just fine. Very smart. It weighs only 64 lbs (29kg), but because its made of a very strong 3 layer polyethylene, it can carry up to 450-500 lbs (204-226 kg). Wow, smart and strong. Hmm, maybe our friends at Town Canoe can work on a boyfriend (ahem) for our friend.