Killer Caboose Pant by Soybu

October 26, 2012

Currently available: $77  Visit their site to learn more

Your derriere will thank you… every time you go out. The Killer Caboose Pant by Soybu is frankly a great pant. It’s super comfortable and holds its shape incredibly well. It’s made using Soybu’s own unique fabric (made from a combination of organic cotton, bamboo, soy and recycled polyester) which, along with some wisely placed seams, is really flattering in that caboose region (thus the thanks!). And, this pant with its “Lotus Fit” hugs your body in a manner so as to provide support without restricting your movement. Some added bonuses are that it’s breathable, lightweight and dries quickly too. Comes in black and lily-pad colors.