Arm Warmers by Save Our Soles

October 23, 2012

Currently available: $21.95  Visit their site to learn more

Warmth where you need it. Yea, autumn is coming and it’s cooling down, but we’re not ready to add a bunch of layers just yet. Enter Arm Warmers by Save Our Soles. These super soft and super comfortable sleeves are perfect for this cooler weather with their unique upper elastic band which keeps them in place and comfy warm material which keep your arms protected. They provide just that right amount of extra warmth without piling on the clothes and causing you to get overheated. Consider also that our friends at Save Our Soles have versions made from three materials–bamboo, Merino Wool and Eco SoleMax (an eco-friendly recycled material)–so you can get the one that feels just right for you.