Buff Headwear

October 11, 2012

Currently available: $20-$28  Visit their site to learn more

Better-than-a-bandana! Really. The new line of Buff Headwear, by Buff in California, are like what we used to call wimpies, but that honestly doesn’t do these justice because they’re so much more versatile. These buffs are stylish and come in dozens of designs, and they’re made with non-scratchy fabrics (some with fleece). That versatility comes in because most can be worn in various ways: like as a balaclava or a cap or a do-rag or a face-mask or a hood or a neckerchief or a neck gator or a pirate hat or a sun guard or a head band or a hair band or a … well you get the idea. And, they dry quickly, they’re odor-resistant and provide UV protection on top of everything else. Definitely check these out because you’re sure to find a style that suits you.