Variant Hoody by Marmot

October 10, 2012

Currently available: $185  Visit their site to learn more

A cute and cozy hoody for us active girls. The Variant Hoody by Marmot hits the mark on style with its contrasting zipper and 5 colors. But, behind that style is some very smart construction including the stretch arms that allow for easy movement while also keeping the jacket from riding up, breathable fabric that keeps you dry when you sweat and provides warmth without any extra weight, proprietary insulation like that found in sleeping bags to keep you cozy, and thumb holes and zippered hand pockets to keep your hands warm too. You tend to realize all the things that are missing in other jackets only when you see them added, and Marmot’s new Variant Hoody really embraces these really smart features… everyone should stop and take notice.