PlaneAire Clean Surface and Air Mist

October 19, 2022

Currently available: $12  Visit their site to learn more

So many germs out there! You probably remember the folks at PlaneAire who provided us with their hand sanitizer, PlaneAire Hands and their equally useful sanitizing wipes, PlaneAire Wipes, now there’s PlaneAire Clean Surface and Air Mist. PlaneAire Clean comes in a 2 oz travel-ready size and is a multi-purpose sanitizer that can be sprayed directly on surfaces like your airline seat, tray table, or seat belt, as well as in the air to refresh and deodorize your area. Formulated from 99% plant-based ingredients including their signature blend of 6 essential oils (peppermint, lemon, oregano, rosemary, thyme and lavender), it has a pleasant, woodsy, herbal scent. You won’t find any harsh chemicals, alcohol, or bleach in the ingredient list either. Best of all, it’s laboratory tested and proven to leave surfaces hygienically clean and is never tested on animals. Our friends at PlaneAire are watching out for us and making sure that our hygienic needs are met with PlaneAire Clean Surface and Air Mist.