HARA Stella Low Cut Bra

May 11, 2022

Currently available: $48  Visit their site to learn more

Clothing that’s better for our bodies and better for the earth. Our friends at HARA aim to change the fast-fashion industry by creating sustainable clothing that loves your body AND the planet. The Stella Low Cut Bra is a great example of this. This triangle cut bra is designed out of the softest bamboo fabric. Bamboo is the ultimate eco-friendly resource since it is grown using only rainwater, without harmful pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. It’s fast growing, using minimal land area, and it produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees. A closed-loop system is used in the manufacturing process, which means that the water and solvent used in the process are filtered out and reused. Plus only natural dyes are used to produce the 10 beautiful colors that you can choose from. This is the bra that you’re going to want to lounge around in since it is so soft and comfy.¬†Feel good about the clothing you’re wearing, choose the HARA Stella Low Cut Bra.