Keoni CBD Topicals

February 15, 2022

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Relief is in sight with Keoni CBD Topicals. Whether it’s the Pain Relief Spray or the Relief and Recover Roll-On Gel, these products provide safe and nonaddictive pain management for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Formulated with a blend of 750 mg of top quality, third party tested CBD and cooling menthol, you’ll benefit from their quick-acting therapeutic effects. Each has a pleasing minty-menthol scent and is free of THC (that’s the compound in the hemp plant that has the psychoactive effects). The roll-on is ideal for targeting a specific area, while the spray applicator allows you to target a broader area, dispensing the full dose of CBD to those troubling spots and taking advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties.┬áStay active with the help of Keoni CBD Topicals!