Kocostar Hand and Foot Moisture Packs

October 19, 2021

Currently available: $5  Visit their site to learn more

Helping us create an at-home-spa, our friends at Kocostar have a 20 minute solution for our rough hands and feet. Their Hand and Foot Moisture Packs are loaded with a special serum that will target dry skin and treat it with shea butter, botanical extracts, and calming herbal ingredients. Each pack comes with a pair of gloves, in the case of the Hand Moisture Pack, and a pair of booties, in the case of the Foot Moisture Pack, which are completely waterproof and include adhesive tabs to secure on your hands and feet. Slip them on clean hands and feet, sit back and relax, watch an episode of your favorite sitcom, and after 20 minutes, gently massage the remaining essence into your skin. Instant hydration and nourishment! Treat your hands and feet with the convenient and effective Kocostar Hand and Foot Moisture Packs!