Pro-Tec Athletics RM Extreme Mini

September 9, 2021

Currently available: $24.9510)  Visit their site to learn more

When it hurts, get a roll on! Our friends at Pro-Tec Athletics have designed specialized support and massage therapy products to help you recover, restore, and perform your best. The RM Extreme Mini is a compact example of this. Use this little guy for a deep tissue massage of those cramps, sore muscles, knots, and just general tightness following your TrailblazerGirl activities. Easy to hold in one hand, the contoured surface allows you to wrap around select muscle groups while the raised knobs of high density foam work their magic. The roller glides smoothly over your weary muscles, giving them some much welcome TLC, and it’s small size makes it ideal to take with you anywhere. For on-the-go relief, the Pro-Tec Athletics RM Extreme Mini helps you live your most active and healthy life.