Kocostar Foot Therapy

August 30, 2021

Currently available: $10  Visit their site to learn more

Renew your feet! Target those calluses and rough patches on your feet with Foot Therapy from our friends at Kocostar. Each individually wrapped care package includes a pair of plastic booties with a special serum loaded with 33 beautifying botanicals and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) that work their magic on exfoliating. The booties are one-size-fits-all and are secured on your feet using convenient sticky tabs. The serum has a mild, pleasant scent, and there’s a fair amount in each bootie, enough such that you’ll slip and slide if you try to walk around, so it’s a perfect excuse to sit and relax for the hour and half needed for treatment. Then remove the booties and rinse your feet with warm water. In about 3 days, you’ll start to see peeling and sloughing of your dry skin and within a week or so, you’ll have baby soft feet! Warm foot baths help the process and foot lotion nourish the new skin.¬†All your TrailblazerGirl activities can do a number on your feet so they deserve some extra care with Kocostar Foot Therapy!