Hear Me Raw The Brightener

August 3, 2021

Currently available: $42  Visit their site to learn more

Go green! Our friends at Hear Me Raw have a multipurpose product that is sure to become a staple item in your skincare routine. The Brightener is both a mask and a daily cleanser. Open up the reusable glass jar and see a recyclable refill pod brimming with beautiful, green goo that has a refreshing scent similar to fresh cut grass and citrus. The main ingredient is chlorophyll (that’s where that wonderful green color comes from!), and this powerful ingredient increases oxygen availability to the skin and is extra-rich in antioxidants. Some of the other key natural ingredients include matcha green tea (potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), spiralina (a blue-green algae that increases cellular oxygen), lemon peel (increases oxygen availability to the skin and is high in antioxidants), and lactic acid (natural AHA that exfoliates without sensitizing skin). We love it in the evening as a way to wash off the day and once a week as a mask that dries on our face, then washes off after 10 minutes. Chlorophyll isn’t just for plants – check out The Brightener from our friends at Hear Me Raw for┬ánaturally healthy, vitalized, brighter skin!