Hanahana Beauty 2 in 1 Body Bar

July 21, 2021

Currently available: $15  Visit their site to learn more

Looks like soap, but it’s sooo much better! Our friends at Hanahana Beauty recently released a 2 in 1 Body Bar that will soon become an essential piece in your skin care routine. Yes, it’s shaped like a bar of soap, but it’s actually an exfoliating bar that does double duty by moisturizing after all those dead skin cells are sloughed away. Super effective on calloused feet, you use it on damp skin after a shower by gently massaging the bar into your skin in circular motions, allowing the natural exfoliants to do their magic. Then, just rinse and pat dry for instantly smoother skin. The shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil work wonders on replenishing moisture and softness. And you can be assured that the shea butter is sustainably and ethically sourced from the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana. Hanahana Beauty also gives back to the community by providing vaccinations,┬áhealth education classes, and biannual healthcare check days through local healthcare providers. Feel smooth and confident with the 2 in 1 Body Bar from the socially responsible company, Hanahana Beauty!