June 14, 2021

Currently available: $16.99 (8 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Crunch, crunch! Our friends at SNACKLINS have a healthy snack that is 100% vegan. Filled with flavor and originally conceptualized as a “meat-free pork rind” (yes, they do look a bit like a thin pork rind!), these innovative crisps are made with yuca, mushrooms, and onions. If you’re not familiar with yuca (AKA cassava), it’s a naturally gluten-free root veggie that is very commonly eaten in South America and is filled with potassium, choline, and vitamin C. SNACKLINS are super yummy and will definitely satisfy your need for an airy, crunchy munch. Offering 4 delicious flavors, Teriyaki, Chesapeake Bay, Nacho, and Barbeque, they come in 0.9 ounce snack bags that are the perfect size for the trails and a 3 ounce sharable size. A single serving of 25 crisps has only 100 calories with 0 grams of sugar.┬áSo get more from your snacks with SNACKLINS!