Happy Masks

May 20, 2021

Currently available: $24  Visit their site to learn more

Be happy and healthy…with Happy Masks! We know you have a stash of masks to wear, but we think that you’ll want to take a look at Happy Masks. This one is set apart for other thanks to its nano fiber membrane filter that has been tested to block bacteria, viruses, smoke, and pollen with 99.9% accuracy. The wafer thin, lightweight, and flexible filter is sewn into the quick dry fabric on the exterior and interior, so you have 3 layers of corner to corner protection. The unique, trademarked, “parrot beak” shape gives you a bit more room in front of your nose and mouth, making it more comfortable to wear all day long and especially during TrailblazerGirl exertion activities. Adjustable ear straps and a nose wire establish a secure fit. Because of the special nano fiber filter inside the mask, you’ll need to hand wash it instead of tossing it in the machine. Not a big deal though since you can clean it by soaking it in warm water with a drop of dish detergent for about 10 minutes, rinse, then air dry. For powerful filtration, breathability, and comfort, be happy with Happy Masks!