Nathan VITAband

September 5, 2012

Currently available: $12.99+ fee  Visit their site to learn more

Future alert! Not only is this bracelet a life-saver, it’s a life-saver. Here’s what we mean… the Nathan VITAband has listed on it a toll-free number where you can store (via a web interface) all of your contact and emergency medical information (e.g. allergies?) in case you fall ill or have an accident during a race. That alone is worthwhile. But, and here’s where we jump ahead into the future, it also contains the Visa payWave chip which gives you the ability to make purchases with a simple wave of the wrist. It’s like wearing a debit card on your wrist. But be careful, you might get too comfortable with wearing that debit chip, especially since you don’t have to dig through your purse anymore to buy stuff.