Makeup Junkie Bag

March 18, 2021

Currently available: $32+  Visit their site to learn more

Avoid the frustration…get the Makeup Junkie Bag! We’ve all been there, where you’re digging around in your cosmetic bag to find exactly what you need to get ready in the morning or for that afternoon touch up. Meredith Jurica certainly was and she developed the perfect bag to hold all your makeup and skincare needs. The Makeup Junkie Bag is an elongated, flat, zippered bag that allows for easy visibility and access to everything in the bag, without the problem of it tipping over. The interior is moisture resistant so you can clean away any unfortunate spills, and the ones that have a cotton exterior can be machine washed. Choose from four sizes, mini, small, medium, and large in a wide variety of colors and styles, and all with a coordinating, removable tassel. Though initially designed to hold you cosmetics, you can also use them to hold your electronics, travel documents, snacks, and they can even act as a clutch for an evening out. Organization and style are all in the bag, literally and figuratively, with the Makeup Junkie Bag!