DrySee Bandages

March 17, 2021

Currently available: $19.95 (box of 6)  Visit their site to learn more

Cuts and scrapes can happen when you’re on your TrailblazerGirl adventures. So be prepare and make sure your first aid kit is complete with DrySee waterproof bandages. These special bandages consist of a clear, flexible adhesive, a non-stick absorbent pad, and a perimeter band. That perimeter band is a patented liquid alert system that changes color if the seal is compromised with water. This alert allows you to then change the bandage, keeping your wound dry and protected so you can heal faster. The bandages come in three sizes: 2 inch squares, 4 inch squares, and 5 inch by 10 inch rectangles. They are latex free with an acrylic adhesive which has been designed and tested to minimize irritation. See the difference with DrySee Bandages!